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USPS Full Service Mailing

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The Postal Service is moving to the Full-Service Intelligent Mail requirement. Full-Service Intelligent Mail combines the use of unique scan codes and special sorting sequences plus the need for the reporting on mail makeup and preparation to be submitted electronically to the USPS prior to delivery of the mail pieces to the USPS.

Qualifying for Full-Service is the only way to receive automation postage prices you've received in the past. To qualify you’ll need to upgrade your current postal presort software to a Full-Service version which may cost from several hundred dollars and possibly thousands per year for the upgrade. To meet the new requirements will not only take additional funds but also additional overhead. Mail preparation will have to comply with the new regulations regarding traying and labeling and of course the electronic scheduling of your time slot at the USPS loading dock so they can verify a time to receive your mailing.

Do these new requirements sound daunting? Let us help. ODP has the needed processing, mail sorting and electronic reporting to meet this new USPS regulation. If you are currently sending out hundreds of letters per week and not able or just tired of meeting USPS regulations, consider using ODP for the convenience, time and postage savings.

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