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Collection System


A contract was given to our client to work another company’s collections. They had a few people in place working the accounts with spreadsheets and a simple Microsoft Access database. There were approximately 5,000 accounts being worked.


This project was done in several phases over a few years since the project was small to begin with and kept growing. As the project continued to grow and became more profitable for our client more requirements became evident.

At the beginning the focus was to enhance the Access database to be able to do the very basics of a collection system. The following was done through access:

  • Import the daily files to either update or add to the accounts being worked
  • Provide a form for the employees to work the accounts
  • Build sophisticated logic that would generate the right letter at the right time depending on the accounts overall status and send that data to ODP to be processed and sent to the individuals

After some success with this contract our client went after other contracts from other companies. The result of which has added the following to their system:

  • Access database has been converted to a SQL database
  • Simplified setup in order to quickly add new clients and their different types of files into their system
  • Sophisticated logic for calling campaigns that pin point different regions and demographics
  • Windows forms that interact with employees and other systems for quick account lookup and data entry
  • Generated cubed reports for our client and their customers to see the progress of their accounts
  • Logic that combines several accounts of a customer into one account for more effective working environment
  • Ability to make online payments

Currently their system works approximately 100,000 accounts with over 30 different clients.

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