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In a fast paced world where things are always changing, automation and efficiency are essential to staying ahead of the competition. Custom software can save time and money for both you and your customers.

The ODP team takes the time to get to know you and your company. We work closely with you through the life cycle of your project. We divide the project into small iterations, collaborating at the end of each iteration to ensure we are meeting your expectations. This allows us to catch problems early on and possibly introduce new features for an improved outcome. In addition, we build our solutions to be flexible to adapt to future business expansion or changes.

We love what we do, and when we are finished with your project, you will love what we do too!

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Development Features

  • Agile Development
  • .NET Framework and Tools
  • Closely working with you
  • Provide ongoing support, updates, and enhancements
  • U.S. based software development
  • Quick contact with development team

Software Development Steps We Take

Define Requirements

You can’t create something that you don’t understand. So we will work with you to understand the requirements that are needed and then write up the requirements and specifications for the project.

Designing Solution

Once the project is defined we listen and take your great ideas and mix them with our expertise and knowledge and come up with stellar ideas that will be the right solution for you and your customers.


After you have approved the design we go to work putting it together. Our goal is to have short iterations of the project so that you can more easily follow the progress of your projects. We also understand that every part of the solution might not be clear at the start of a project. By having these short iterations and keeping you involved with the project it will give you opportunities to give guidance and direction for any changes that may come up.


At each iteration, and where it makes sense we can deploy your solution so you can immediately take advantage of the solution’s features already built. This allows you to quickly take advantage of the project and also see where other features could be had and implemented before your project is complete.


Ongoing support for your solution will also be available if needed as well as enhancement to it.

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